F.F.S Semi Pneumatic Machine

 Products  Namkeen, Pulses, Granules, Tea, Spices etc.
 Filling System  Adjustable Telescopic Disc, Volumetric Cup Filler
 Filling Accuracy  + 1-1.5%*
 Type of Seal   Centre Seal & Back Seal
 Filling Range  5gm upto 1000gms.*
 Packing Material  Heat Sealable Laminated Films
 Pouch Dimensions  Width = 100-300 mm, Length = 50-300 mm
 Power Consumption  3 Kw
 Compressed Air Required  6 CFM@6 Bar(2 H.P. Compressor)
 Production Output   20-60 pouches per minute*
 Weight  300Kg (Approx.)
 Machine Size (Bager Size)  L: 900 mm, W: 600mm, H:2100mm (Approx.)
*Depend on nature & quantity of product